We specialize in Herbaceous Peonies. They grow in zones 3-8 and come in a wide variety of colors, fragrancesand flower forms: double, semi double, Japanese, bomb, anemone and single. Herbaceous peonies are the most well-known type of peony grown in our northern climate. They are very disease-resistant, require very little care, resistant to many insect pests, unattractive to deer and rabbit as well. These attributes makes peonies an ideal choice for our gardens. In our climate peonies peak blooming is late June to early July, but herbaceous peonies do not all bloom at the same time.Some bloom early, some mid-season, and some varieties have a very late blooming period. To extend your blooming period you should plant peonies that have different blooming times. Depending on weather conditions, your peonies should bloom on average for 7-10 days. Once the blooms are finished, the green leaves remain throughout the summer;the plant then dies back to the ground in winter and emergeeach spring. It is very important that you cut your peony stems in the fall to prevent fungal disease like botrytis.
Peonies require 6-8 hours of full sun per day, and should be planted in rich well-drained soil. They are prolific bloomers, generally depleting the soil after many years.Working in a small amount of compost around your peonies each year will help your soil maintain nutrients, and allow your peony to flourish year after year. Once established, your peonies will prosper for many years, as it is not uncommon for a peony plant to live more than 50 years.

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