North American Lily Society

The North American Lily Society (NALS) was organized in 1947 to promote interest in the genus Lilium. The society has active members from almost every state and province in North America, as well as from many countries around the world.

Alberta Regional Lily Society

The Alberta Regional Lily Society was formed in 1983 by enthusiastic lily fanciers. They promote interest in growing lilies and to act as a source of information to Society members and to the gardening public for the genus Lilium and other Liliaceae.

Canadian Prairie Lily Society

The Canadian Prairie Lily Society was founded in 1967 by a group of individuals with a strong interest and love for the genus Lilium. The Society received its charter under the provincial societies act in 1973.

Manitoba Regional Lily Society

A conversation took place on August 31, 1982. In February of 1983 the meeting was held in Portage La Prairie in conjunction with the Manitoba Horticultural Association. Dr. Ronald and Lynn Collicutt led a summer tour of five lily growers in southern Manitoba and further conversation called for an educational seminar in the spring of 1984. Julius Wadekamper of Borboleta Gardens, Minnesota, came to give leadership in an educational lily seminar in Winnipeg on March 17, 1984. And this is how the society started.

South Saskatchewan Lily Society

Our goal is to educate our members in the culture of lilies and to promote the genus lilium.

Ontario Regional Lily Society

The ORLS (Ontario Regional Lily Society) was formed in 1966. The Society is made up of members from many areas of Ontario, as well as from other provinces and from the United States. The group exists to encourage the cultivation, knowledge and enjoyment of lilies.

Each July they hold an annual lily show at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario. This is a great time for the public to come out and see what lily growers have been up to throughout the year.