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This year Parkland Peonies will open its catalog in two stages, to fully access what we will have available for the 2023 peony season. Early January we open our website to the public with a select variety of peonies for sale. In early summer, when peonies are in full bloom, we will assess our inventory and offer another small offering of peonies for fall delivery. At this time we are sure to list some peonies for the collectors and for gardeners who are looking for some great peonies at excellent value. We decided to open in two stages as we were not able to fully assess what we would have available this season. 


My advice for our customers this season, is to order early, and avoid disappointment, as varieties will be limited this season.


Attached you will find our 2023 launch email that was sent to all subscribers to our page. It gives the readers a little insight to what we are planning at Parkland Peonies now and in the future.

Advancement in Martagon Breeding was written by Adam Yakabuskie for the North American Lily Society Quarterly Bulletin. It was published in Volume 76, No.2 | June 2022

The goal for this article was to showcase some of the breeding work, and procedures I was doing with this amazing lily.

Parkland Peonies

Since 2016, Parkland Peonies, located in Alberta, Canada, has been working to provide our customers with quality Peony roots, Martagon Lily bulbs and cut flower stems at a reasonable price. 

We value each customer and are grateful for your loyalty and support and helping you learn how to grow peonies in your own backyard.

Parkland Peonies is one of the leading peony sellers in Canada and we are dedicated to extending and updating our root stock collection every year. So if you are wondering where to buy peonies in Canada, it’s here!

As of today our assortment contains over 700 Peony varieties and 50+ Martagon Lily varieties. Some of them are older varieties and some are the most recent on the market.

We want to bring the best and most versatile array of Peony colors, sizes and shapes to our customers’ gardens and we’d love you to enjoy our peony selection as much as we do. 

Our mission is to introduce and bring our gorgeous Peony plants to canadian household gardens, and not only locally, though we love seeing peonys all throughout Alberta and in our neighbourhood of Calgary. We believe that Peonies are one of the most gorgeous-looking perennials that can beautify any landscape and considering their longevity they can become a heritage plant that is passed from generation to generation.

Our Peony cut flower business is also growing and we are excited to supply local florists in Alberta with a great selection of fresh cut peony stems. In the past four years we have added over 6,000 plants to our cut flower collection including  Charlie’s White, Duchess de Nemours, Elsa Sass, Old Faithful, Coral Charm, Kansas, Felix Supreme, and My Love, to name a few. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Peony Cutflowers
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