Cancellation of Order

All Orders (plants, materials and shipping) cancelled or altered will incur a 12% restocking/administrative fee.  Peony orders cancelled after August 1, will incur a 35% restocking, field inventory, selection and administrative fee.  Handling is non-refundable.

Returned checks or any other form of a insufficiently funded order will incur a $35.00 fee.

Order additions:  Additional items may be added to an existing order at any time and Parkland Peonies will make adjustments/refunds to shipping charges as needed.

All prices and inventories are subject to change without prior notification. We will absolutely not substitute, unless you give us prior instructions to do so.  If for some reason we cannot supply a plant that you have ordered and paid for, we will supply a full refund and other involved costs of the item.

Plants are sold and shipped as bare root divisions.  All plants are propagated at Parkland Peonies Fields, Okotoks Alberta.