Garlic is an important part of our cuisine because of its intense flavour, taste and healthbenefits. It definitely complements many types of food.
The taste of homegrown or local garlic is far more flavourful than commercial garlic purchased from Asian markets. As my daughter Maya would say, “You only need to use half the amount”.

We are a small garlic business, and able to grow organically, without the use of any pesticides or herbicides, providing our customers with great seed and culinarygarlic.

Our specialization ishardneck garlic that performs well in our climate zone. When we started our garlic trials in 2015, we had more than 40 different varieties.Later on we selected 10 varieties that do exceptionally well year after year: these varieties have qualities of great vigor, large bulb size, winter hardiness, disease-resistance, and most of all – superior taste.

We hope that you will enjoy our garlic as much as we enjoy growing it.
As we say on the farm, “This is what garlic should taste like”.

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