Canadian Peony Society (CPS)

The Canadian peony society offers an annual national peony show, plant sale, seed exchange and offers some great articles on growing peonies. The society was founded in 1998, by Simkins, a remarkable individual who specialized in peonies.

American Peony Society (APS)

The American Peony Society was established in 1903 to promote cultivated peonies and foster studies to improve its worth as a garden plant.The society maintain the registry of peony cultivars, and is the authority on everything peony related, as they have many peony breeders and experts on their board of directors. They host an annual peony conference and show each year, as well as an extensive seed distribution program, that is donated by its members.

Books on Peonies

The American Peony Society offers a good selection of books on the genus Paeonia. All books can be ordered online, through their website.

Heartland Peony Society (HPS)

The goal of the Heartland Peony Society is to foster and promote an interest in peonies,
to promote their introduction into cultivation, and to encourage development of new and improved varieties.

The Peony Society

This project was started by peony enthusiast Koen Hurtekant from Belgium. The site offers a great collection of interesting reading material on the genus Paeonia, old and new.

Paeonia Newsletter

Paeonia was an international newsletter for peony hybridizers. It was published quarterly from April 1970 to spring 2002. Paeonia was started in 1970 by Silvia Saunders (daughter of Prof. A. P. Saunders) and Roy Pehrson. From approx. 1971-1994 Paeonia was edited and published by Chris Laning of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Starting in 1995, Paeonia has been edited and published by Don Smith of West Newton, Mass.

Web Project Paeonia

An impressive database maintained by Carsten Burkhardt. The sources provided on this website are worldwide, and very extensive, with descriptions, growing conditions and also photos for many of the cultivars and species.

Bloom Date Project

North American Peony Society: Background information about hundreds of peony bloom dates compared to peony ‘Red Charm’. Project objective is to provide reliable information on the bloom sequence of peonies.

Southern Peony Blog

Informative Blog on peonies by Adriana Feng from North Carolina (USA). Very entertaining and educational. A bias look at new varieties being offered, and price comparisons.

Leo Smit Blog

Leo Smit wrote a great blog on growing species in eastern Canada. Unfortunately the site has not been active since about 2012, but the peony world can still access the valuable information shared on this site.