As avid horticulturalists and growers, here in Parkland Peonies we support sustainable farming practices.

We guarantee to provide you with healthy root divisions true to their name. All roots are shipped properly tagged and in good shape.

For the Peony and Lily plants to do well in your garden we ask you to plant your bare roots/bulbs within a couple days of receiving them.

After the peony is planted we cannot guarantee that the peony/lily will do well in your garden due to the growing conditions that are not in our power.

Please be advised that it is normal for a peony to give only a small bloom the first summer after planting. Sometimes there are no blooms at all and this is ok too – your peony is still adjusting to the new environment and is using its energy for growing a strong and healthy root system.

However, during its second summer your peony should give some nice blooms! Usually it takes 3 years for a peony plant to get well established and mature – thus the blooms will get more and more spectacular each year.

We do not share your information with others, and your financial information is secured on our site when you go through checkout.

If for some reason we don’t have a particular root/bulb you ordered we will contact you first to get your permission on a substitution and if we don’t receive your permission, you will be given full refund before the parcel is shipped.