Growing Great Garlic

This winter was an exceptional cold year for us. I was concerned how the garlic would overwinter, and the losses that might occur. Winter came early last fall, with colder than usual temperature. When it was time to plant our garlic we planted a little deeper and mulched with a good layer of oat straw. Spring came, and the garlic was not showing any movement, due to the straw keeping the ground cold, and some places frozen. After moving some of the straw off the garlic, it did not take long for the garlic to start sprouting. Two weeks later, the garlic is now 6-8 inches tall with minimal losses. We are growing 20 garlic varieties that we selected from out garlic trials of over 40 different varieties. Hardiness, large bulb size, storage, taste, and disease resistance were all factors in selecting the garlic we grow today. We grow in a zone 3 chinook climate. Our garlic is organically grown, no herbicides and or pesticides used in our garlic patch.